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Please don't go! We need your subscription to make our ultra low cost business model work. In the real world things cost $$$ and we couldn't offer low cost treatments without the support of our subscribers. Even if you haven't used our service lately, please don't go! We need your help! But if you just can't stay with us, then click here to cancel your subscription.

If you're really set on saying goodbye you can use the link above to unsubscribe. But we hope that you'll come back and be a MEMBER FOR LIFE when your financial situation improves. Even if you no longer need our service you can designate a friend or family member to receive the benefits of your monthly membership fee. Futhermore, if you have nobody in particular to designate, you can tell us to PAY IT FORWARD by passing your monthly membership benefits on to a random person who is in financial distress. We hope you'll reconsider your decision to unsubscribe, but if you must go please come back soon! Together we can make health care affordable, but without our subscribers this business model will fail. Simply said we NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue!

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