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Justin Hays, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist in Texas (AC01971), and he is nationally certified by the NCCAOM. He practiced acupuncture for 8 years in Hawaii (both Honolulu and Lahaina, Maui).  He is the publisher of ChineseNutrition.org, a web site for TCM practitioners and TCM nutrition enthusiasts.  He has more than 10 years experience practicing acupuncture and Oriental medicine. 

Justin has extensive experience treating pain with doctor Tan's balance method, and is well versed in other treatment modalities such as 4 needle technique, classical TCM, moxibustion, and cupping.  He is also trained in scalp and auricular acupuncture.  His specialty is in treating a wide variety of health conditions with TCM nutrition and Chinese herbal medicine.

In addition to his training and experience in TCM Nutrition, Justin also has extensive experience with TCM herbal medicine. During his eight year journey to Hawaii, Justin evenutally took over the oldest herbal practice in Hawaii from Len Jacobe, LAc.  At that time Len Jacobe was considered to be one of the foremost experts in Chinese herbal medicine in Hawaii. Justin brings this experience home to Texas, and the world, by providing expert Chinese herbal medical advice. If you are interested in Chinese herbal medicine then you've come to right place.   With regards to herbal TCM, Justin focuses on the Taiwanese styles taught by Jimmy Chang DOM, as well as more traditional styles presented in earlier texts.

Justin focuses on a unique holistic perspective which often allows him to diagnose the root cause of suffering that may be overlooked by other practitioners.

While working in Hawaii, Justin trained with the Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii alongside licensed acupuncturist Aaron Ishigo and under the tutelage of Regan Archibald, LAC. Together they facilitated the stem cell injection procedure with help from local Nurse Practitioners to do the injections . The results were amazing and Justin brings his specialized experience in this subject back to Texas. He hopes someday to begin offering this amazing medicine to the people of Texas. In addition to his 8 year education, Justin completed a 1 year training in placental stem cell therapy, and assisted with over a dozen procedures personally.

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Building relationships while transforming health care by providing accessible high quality alternative medical care for our patients worldwide.

Our Practitioner:

Justin has completed a 4000+ hour educational program with AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (Austin, TX) in 2011.  Unlike some chiropractors or MD's who can use acupuncture needles in Texas with as little as 200 hours of training in the subject, Justin is a true Master of his trade. Before returning to his home state of Texas, Justin spent 8 years in private practice in Hawaii.  As the owner of Maui Acupuncture in Lahaina, Justin enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of West Maui while sharpening his skills as an independent practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. 

Maui Acupuncture was already the oldest name for acupuncture on the island when Justin took it over from Dr. Marcos and, subsequently,  Clive Tucker, LAc.  But when Len Jacobe (LAc) passed away Justin also took over the oldest herbal apothecary in West Maui.  Justin's experience is extensive in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Justin specializes in Chinese Nutrition and is adept at solving imbalances through dietary prescriptions alone.  Sadly, some statistics say that less than 5 percent of the population is willing to adjust their diet in a meaningful way.  However, even partial compliance can make a considerable difference.  Once the diet has been adjusted Chinese herbal medicine can play a tremendous role in aiding the patient's recovery.

Justin believes that the root causes of disease should be addressed before attempting to solve any health related problem. 

Justin founded the web site ChineseNutrition.org in 2014 which is an encyclopediac work that is likely to be forever in progress due to the virtually unlimited amount of information that is available on the topic. 

Because his training is not only holistic, but also integrative with Western (alleopathic) medicine, Justin became interested in the potential of placental stem cell therapy.  Towards the end of his time in Hawaii, Justin trained extensively with Regan Archibald, LAc (Stem Cell Institute of Utah) and worked personally along side Aaron Ishigo, LAc (Stem Cell Institute of Hawaii) to deliver stem cell therapy to local Maui residents. Placental stem cells are harvested from the placenta (afterbirth of the mother) which is normally discarded after birth.  In fact humans are one of the only mammals which do not  consume the placenta after giving birth.  The placenta is not only high high in MSC (mesynchymal) stem cells, but also iron and minerals which help the mother to recover the strength of her blood (which was lost from giving birth).  

He is currently licensed in Texas (AC-01971)

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 Justin is currently offering home visits to the Cedar Creek Lake area south of Dallas, Texas.  Check the map to schedule a home visit today.

You don't live there?  No problem.  Schedule a remote consultation with Justin Hays, LAc anywhere in the world by visiting ChineseNutrition.org - TCM nutrition / Chinese Herbal advice is available, and a whole lot more!  Remote consultations start at just $79.  Visit a href="http://www.chinesenutrition.org">www.ChineseNutrition.org to schedule your world-wide consult via Skype (or other internet messaging platforms) today.

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