Chronic Immune Dysfunction

In today's modern world our immune system is bombarded on a daily basis. What are a few of the factors that affect our immunity, and which our ancestors did not experience? In this article we will explore EMF, GMO foods, toxins in the water, all time high levels of vaccinations and increased exposure to pathogens caused by globalization.

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Some recent News articles suggest that the millennial generation may become first generation in 100 years to actually be LESS HEALTHY than their ancestors. What's driving the general degradation in health among our youth? Are there any habits that we are choosing as a culture, as a civilization, that could be more harmful than helpful to our future generations?

EMF (electro magnetic fields) is fast becoming the latest hot topic in health care's evolution. What we're realizing is that the intensification of wifi networks and cellular networks, such as 5g, is causing higher exposure to radiation. In addition microwave radiation, nuclear radiation from Fukushima and others, may actually be contributing to an overall immune dysfunction worldwide. Meanwhile globalization encourages people to travel, immigrate, and move goods and produce to opposite corners of the Earth. Resultingly pests are more difficult to control, and parasites proliferate worldwide.

Over 193 nuclear tests in Polynesia by France, nearby Tahiti, have caused some major backlash from the local population, but how could this be? After all these 193 nuclear tests were conducted by the widely respected government of France, and we trust our governments, don't we? If there was any risk that this nuclear testing might damage the health of human population the government would surely not have done it, would they?

How about the increased number of vaccines being recommended by the CDC over time? Certainly no one can argue against the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine. But is more always better? In the 1950's the CDC recommended just FIVE vaccines: Smallpox, Diphtheria*, Tetanus*, Pertussis*, Polio (IPV). Then we learned that certain polio vaccinations were actually contaminated and caused cancer in lab monkeys. But rather than acknowledging that vaccination is often a double edged sword, the CDC recommended more vaccinations for everyone worldwide.

Great! So the measles vaccine causes measles? Isn't that what the CDC just wrote on their vaccine insert?

In the 1960s the CDC introduced the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines. The manufacturer claims up to 97% effectiveness but lists the following as adverse reactions on the MMR vaccine insert:

"The following adverse reactions are listed in decreasing order of severity, without regard to causality, within each body system category and have been reported during clinical trials, with use of the marketed vaccine, or with use of monovalent or bivalent vaccine containing measles, mumps, or rubella:Body as a Whole Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability.Cardiovascular System Vasculitis.Digestive System Pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; parotitis; nausea.Endocrine System Diabetes mellitus.Hemic and Lymphatic SystemThrombocytopenia purpura; regional lymphadenopathy; leukocytosis. " (see also: MMR vaccine insert)

In the 1980s — hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b were added to the CDC's recommended list, and more recently Varicella (chickenpox - 1996), rotavirus (1998-1999; 2006, 2008); hepatitis A (2000); pneumococcal vaccine (2001) have been added. Annual influenza vaccines became free, and sometimes even pay the patient to accept them, despite evidence of being effective. While the smallpox vaccine was phased due to eradication a host of new vaccines were added to take its place on the schedule. Soon they added acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP ,1997), intranasal influenza (2004) ,and Rotavirus vaccines to the schedule.

With all of the new vaccins, the CDC introduced combination vaccines because the new vaccine schedule had become "more complicated". New combination vaccines were invented and injected without any substantial research as to the effect of mixing vaccines together on human patients' health.

Ok, but we trust our doctors right? More is ALWAYS better, isn't it?

Increased plasticity of our oceans, although easily avoidable if we had laws that prohibited non-biodegradable plastics, is contributing to plastic being founds in the deepest oceans. Other research finds plastic in a very high percentage of ocean shrimps. Eventually when enough plastics end up in the human food supply, things that used to be healthy and nutritious can become toxic.

We haven't even approached the effects of GMO foods, and the effect that they may have on our health. The New York Times recently posted an article stating that Monsanto had lost its third round in a $2 billion lawsuit. Glyphosate is a known toxin now found in approximately 90 percent of all corn and soy products. In fact they're finding glyphosate EVERYWHERE - even in drinking water.

What does all this mean for your health? The science is still unclear, but convincing evidence is emerging to suggest that the net result of all these issues is a condition called Chronic Immune Dysfunction. Its not a diagnosis that will get you out of work, but it may certainly lower your quality of life. What it means is that people are getting sicker faster and easier than ever. But how can this be, when the governments and corporations are trying SO HARD to protect us?

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