Symptoms of Blood Deficiency in Chinese Medicine

What are some of the common symptoms of blood deficiency in Chinese medicine? Typically associated with blood deficiency are dryness, forgetfulness, weak or thin pulse, pale tongue, poor concentration, and even heart palpitations. We will take a closer look at this common problem in this article...

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In terms of Chinese medicine blood deficiency does not mean that there is small quantity of blood in the veins. Is it possible to have blood deficiency and high blood pressure at the same time? According to Chinese medicine yes it is possible to have an imbalance of 'upper an lower'.

Symptoms such as dry eyes, dry mouth, dry throat, vaginal dryness, and skin dryness all point to a potential blood deficiency. Additionally the common symptoms of a blood deficiency diagnosis may include forgetfulness, poor concentration, heart palpitations, eye floaters, poor night vision, and poor eye sight overall. Finally psoriasis is usually understood as a deep accumulation of wind due to underlying blood deficiency.

In terms of Western medicine blood deficiency may present as anemia, or pre-anemia complete blood count. Iron and hemoglobin may be low, B vitamins may be lacking. But because Oriental medicine is a preventative medicine it can also detect symptoms through pulse and tongue diagnosis long before a Western doctor would notice.

Giving birth is particularly hard on the blood. Not only is blood lost in the birthing process, but the mother also needs blood to heal her body after delivery. Secondly breast-feeding mothers are in the constant process of depleting their blood by giving vital nutrients to their children.

A competent Oriental medicine practitioner will also check your pulse and tongue to verify that your symptoms match with a blood deficiency diagnosis. He or she might also suggest specific foods to help rebuild your blood. According to Chinese medicine the following foods can be integrated into your diet if you would like to resolve a blood deficiency diagnosis naturally:

Blood Deficiency foods list complements of

Aduki bean (neutral)
Black Bean (warm)
Kidney Bean (neutral)
Soybean, black (neutral)
Soybean, yellow (cool)
Tempeh (warm)

Culinary Herbs
Nettle (cool)
Parsley (warm)

Cheese (neutral)
Egg yolk (neutral)
Egg, chicken (neutral)
Egg, Quail (neutral)
Milk, cow (neutral)
Milk, cow (raw) (warm)
Milk, goat/sheep (warm)
Yogurt (cold)

Apricot (neutral)
Avocado (cool)
Cherry (warm)
Date (warm)
Fig (neutral)
Grape (neutral)
Longan (warm)
Lychee (warm)
Mulberry (cold)

Reishi Mushroom (warm)
Shiitake mushroom (neutral)

Barley (cool)
Oats (warm)
Pearled Barley (coix) (cool)
Rice (neutral)
Rice, sweet (warm)
Wheat Germ (cold)

Beef (warm)
Beef Liver (neutral)
Chicken (warm)
Duck (neutral)
Goat (warm)
Lamb (hot)
Lamb Liver (cool)
Mutton (warm)
Pigeon (neutral)
Pork (neutral)
Pork Liver (warm)
Pork Trotter (neutral)
Quail (neutral)

Medicinal Herbs
Chickweed (cool)
Gentian (cool)
Microalgae (neutral)
Pollen (neutral)
Wheatgrass (neutral)
Yellow Dock (cold)

Nuts and Seeds
Coconut (warm)
Hazel Nut (neutral)
Peanut (neutral)
Sesame, black (neutral)
Sesame, white (neutral)

Oils and Condiments
Amasake (warm)
Miso (warm)
Molasses (warm)

Carp (neutral)
Cuttlefish (neutral)
Eel (warm)
Mussel (warm)
Octopus (cold)
Oyster (neutral)
Salmon (warm)
Shark (neutral)
Squid (neutral)
Tuna (neutral)

Kelp (Kombu) (cold)

Dangui (warm)
Spirulina (cool)

Alfalfa Sprout (cool)
Artichoke, globe (neutral)
Beets, root (neutral)
Chard, Swiss (cool)
Dandelion Leaf (cold)
Kale (warm)
Spinach (cool)
Sweet Potato (neutral)
Watercress (cool)

You may notice that each food has a temperature associated with it. Some foods are hot, some are cold. Some are warm, and some cold foods are colder than others! A complete Chinese medical diagnosis is not always so simple as just 'blood deficiency'. If your constitutional diagnosis is more cold than hot then you should avoid too many cold foods, for instance.

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